AIM. The reason I rushed home. It was committing to devote my whole afternoon to my computer and the person on the other side. Did I ever try to be cool and talk to older boys? Yes. Did I spend hours talking smack about others to my friends? Yes. It was AIM....
  1. FamouseBabe
    Like a notorious mouse that was attractive, I believed I would one day be famous so Famouse babe duh .
  2. T-rexDancer03
    I love dinosaurs . I love dancing . I love Dwayne Wade
  3. PerksOfBeignTina
    In 7th grade a boy in high school who I thought was cute told me I should read Perks of Being a Wallflower. Naturally I loved it cause it was angsty. But I spelled being wrong so having to explain that got real annoying