Thanks to Prez. Dwight D. Eisenhower the U.S.A (appropriate time to chant USA USA USA) has the Interstate highway System. Heck yea road trips! Although choosing the right driver is tres' important.....having the right co-pilot might be even more important. The Co-Pilot sets the mood of the whole trip. Here's my Resume'.
  1. Past Experiences
  2. Orlando Ferreira [dad] 2006- present
  3. Mike VanSoest [ex] 2011-2014 (Georgia & Nashville)
  4. Stephen Hedger [bff] 2014- present (North Carolina )
  5. Skills:
  6. DJ
    Will play the hottest tunes from 2006. Will play unknown tunes that will soon become "the trip song" (ex. Breeze Blocks by Alt-J on 2014 road trip) . Takes song requests from the backseat drivers. Also plays Why Georgia by John Mayer as we cross the Georgia state line.
  7. Gets the driver rowdy
    Sleepiness is real....but not on my watch! Will play pump it by Black Eyed Peas to wake up the driver.
  8. Snackies
    Has snackies on hand such as Redbull, sour gummy worms and Slim Jims. Willing to feed driver.
  9. Keeps conversation going
    Knows the perfect balance between talking about when Britney Spears shaved her head and deep feelings like getting dumped for your best friend.
  10. Willing to take over the drivers seat [Limited to an hour tops ]
  11. Has the GPS goin
    Lol I don't know how to use a map. That's why astronauts created gps.
  12. References:
  13. Stephen Hedger [ask for number]