Because when you're Stephen Hedger these quotes are oddly deeply inspirational
  1. There's only two bald people I trust Bruce Willis and myself last year
  2. You can learn from success you can learn from failure but you can't learn from doing nothing
  3. Why don't you just date that guy that brings his own barbecue sauce to the caf?!
  4. (While driving on a road trip) Here are a couple rules: if it's light out you can fall asleep...but if it's dark out...well you can still fall asleep...just do what you want you guys enjoy yourselves
  5. If we play the Le miserable soundtrack you know I'll stay up and sing along the whole time
  6. They used to call me judge judy. So I'll judge you
  7. The rose is always red on the other side
  8. (Sings the wrong words to every song)
  9. I remember in soccer I would always ask "hey guys when do we get our costumes" and they would tell me "they're not costumes Stephen! They're uniforms!!"
    Side note: Stephen grew up doing theater
  10. Life is about fighting for the unachievable
  11. Just because there's pain involved doesn't mean it's not a noble pursuit
  12. Stephen barista dictionary:
    Customers= Audience Kitchen=Backstage