HBO programming I've never seen but really shouldn't admit to never having seen, and what I thus assume the series is about.
  1. The Wire
    Not a single episode have I viewed, ever. This show is about a fellow named Omar and he whistles and wears bathrobes. There is a boss betch Sonja, too.
  2. The Sopranos
    I've seen the first twelve minutes of this series. Tony Soprano lives in New Jersey and would respect my salami of the month membership. He sees a therapist with a great voice. His wife has great fake nails. His daughter has bad taste in men. Something with ducks in the pool.
  3. Deadwood
    I've watched bits of some episodes. A lot a lot a lot of cursing. The west. The frontier. The hot young chef from SATC. HBO recycle programmer Kim Dickens. More cursing. Lots of shots.
  4. Fraggle Rock
    This isn't Sesame Street but there are lots of puppets.