Rhoda was a spinoff of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Contrary to Romy and Michele's tiff, Rhoda > Mary.
  1. The intro.
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    Times Square in the seventies! And then Rhoda throws her hat in the air and it just falls and she has to pick it up because she is not THAT GIRL.
  2. Rhoda's headwear
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    So seventies. So scarfy. So splendid.
  3. Rhoda's accent
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    Rhoda has a TER-RRIFFF-IC accent. It is yenta fabulous quintessential New York and nothing like it can be heard anywhere on television today and it will make you crave a New York pastrawwwmi sandwich.
  4. Rhoda's doorman
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    Carlton is the ever-drunken doorman. The doorman's voice as character is a brilliant story element one cannot find on modern television. Fact: the doorman went on to voice Garfield.
  5. Rhoda's apartment?
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    The set is so bizarre. It's just Rhoda's apartment. And myriad hanging plants. It's fabulous, obviously. Hanging plants in macrame hangers are the succulents of the seventies.
  6. Rhoda's husband
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    Rhoda's husband is hot AF. His name is Joe.
  7. Rhoda's sister
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    Brenda also has a great accent and the running joke of her sad, single life is spectacular.
  8. Mrs. Ida Morgenstern
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    Rhoda's mom's name is Ida. My grandmother is named Rhoda and my great grandmother is Ida. This is real.
  9. Thematically ahead of even today's times.
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    Girl power! This show, crafted in the seventies, is wonderfully forthright about feminism, women's equally, racial equality, and gender equality. It never feels dated or sexist!
  10. New York in the 70s jokes!
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    "Oh that 2nd Avenue subway"
  11. Bethenny-isms
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    This is more observational than reason to watch, but Bethenny Frankel, in her life and behaviors, is doing a pretty good Rhoda Morgenstern impression.
  12. MeTV, an obscure channel that is what TV Land once promised it would be, airs episodes sometimes!
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  13. All of season 1 is available on Hulu!
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    This means it is easier than ever to get your Rhoda Morgenstern fix.