Do you think these things too?
  1. Why is my purse so heavy?
  2. No one else's purse is this heavy.
  3. That's the building from which that woman jumped to her death.
  4. Cross the street. There was a shooting on the sidewalk there and surely there may be another one there right now.
  5. Do I want a mocha frappe from McDonalds?
  6. That light up fairy air thrower in Union Square is going to hit me.
  7. Her outfit is so much better than mine.
  8. Mexicue smells delicious.
  9. Do I need a new plate from Fishs Eddy right now?
  10. I should stop at Eataly and pick up some soppressata.
  11. Fuck, soppressata is expensive.
  12. Do I want a milkshake from Shake Shack?
  13. Fuck, that Shake Shack line is long.