No one is a Samantha. Most of my sorority sisters *are* Charlottes. No one should want to be a Carrie. We are all Mirandas.
  1. That time she wanders the UES stalking her ex in those delicious overalls.
  2. When she chokes on Chinese and is ready for her cat to eat her.
  3. When the Chinese place knows her order and that laughy chick laughs.
  5. Hiding under the bed when Debbie's gross sandals are by the bed and Brady's pacifier drops.
  6. When she drops the tomato sauce and cries to Steve because she doesn't do laundry for 2 weeks.
  7. When Steve calls about the blue moon. Yes. 🌚
  8. When she tells the Eat Me Sandwich guy to shove it.
  9. HOLLABACK to construction worker street harassment ▶️ "What do I want? To get laid. What I need? Is to get laid. I need. To get laid."
  10. When she proposes to Steve over beers at Pete's Tavern
  11. When Miranda eats cake out of her garbage.
  12. When Magda puts the Virgin Mary in her naughty drawer and hides her Harvard mug and provides her with the “women should know how to make pies” rolling pin.
  13. When she breaks down with the "support" of her bra sizing specialist in the fitting room before her mother's funeral.
  14. When Becky Ann Baker plays her sister because #goals.
  15. When Miranda gets braces.
  16. When Miranda pretends to be a stewardess because this show was made before the #leanin narrative.
  17. Miranda and her non-honeymoon in the woods with no cell service.
  18. "I have to go feed my cat." When Miranda calls out Carrie's tweety-bird bf's friend for being a freak who doesn't like Connecticut. "I haven't left Manhattan in 10 years."