2016 in Review

A few highlights.
  1. Quit my job
    It was not an easy decision by any means. I agonized over it for months, feeling trapped and helpless, telling myself to be patient, and hoping that things would turn around. It didn't. So I GTFO. Didn't even matter that I had nothing lined up. I felt so liberated. It's a feeling I try to remember when I start feeling stuck in anything. I can walk away and I'll be okay.
  2. Got a new job
    Put the freelance leap on hold and reunited with my partner-in-crime.
  3. Sang my heart out with C!C!C!
    Justin Bieber's "Sorry", David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World", Modest Mouse's "Float On", Grimes' "Maim vs. Kill", and Feist's "I Feel It All".
  4. Recorded backing vocals for a track on Feist's new album
  5. Survived an eye ultrasound
    Twice. 😵
  6. Danced like I was in a Bieber music video
    It wasn't enough that I got to sing "Sorry" with C!C!C! I needed to know the moves to it too.
  7. Slayed like Bey 👯
    Learned the entire choreography to " Single Ladies".
  8. Travelled on business
    Movin' up the corporate ladder!
  9. Went back to one of my favourite cities
    Good food, Samantha Bee, and Flight of the Conchords.
  10. Got back into improv
    Needed more silliness in my life. Did a workshop, took a class, and got a new coach for my duo.
  11. Tried stand-up
    Loved it. Got to do a few shows, including one during JFL42!
  12. Spent two weekends in a sketch writing workshop
    I learned a ton from a couple writers from the Baroness Von Sketch Show and came out of it with scripts ready, people to collaborate with on future projects, and renewed inspiration. Let's make stuff!!!
  13. Read 17 books
    The most books in a long while!
  14. Discovered Body Blitz
  15. Came up with stuff I'm proud of
    And I'm excited to do more in 2017!