1. Scalloped
    The ultimate. Layers and layers of potatoes and cheese? Yes please.
  2. Garlic mashed
    Specifically from The Keg.
  3. Roasted
    Crispy outside, tender inside.
  4. Chips / Crisps
    I will and I have demolished bags. Especially PC Loads of Sour Cream & Onion, and most recently, Covered Bridge Smokin' Sweet BBQ.
  5. Waffle fries
    Something about that tic-tac-toe texture. ❌⭕️❌⭕️
  6. French-fried
    McDonald's. I also like them when they're soft and soggy…
  7. Hasselback
    Most favourite thing to come from Sweden since ABBA. 🇸🇪
  8. Tater tots
    Specifically the bite-sized gems known as Mexi-Fries from TacoTime. And dipped in their special hot sauce.
  9. Hashbrown
    McDonald's again.
  10. Baked / Jacket
    The topping combinations are endless!
  11. Skins
    I never make them (Too much work) and I never order them (Too much money for too little), but I will enjoy eating them.
  12. Pancakes / Latkes
    So much better than the other kind of pancakes.
  13. Wedges
    Eh. I can't believe I'm saying this but it's a little too much potato… at least to crispy outside ratio.
  14. Salad
    Requires mayonnaise as dressing? No thanks.