My skincare routine

After years of skin troubles, I finally found a system that works to reduce my acne, redness, and general skin issues.
  1. First, I remove my makeup (especially eye makeup) before washing.
    I like Ole Henriksen the clean truth cleansing wipes, my makeup eraser cloth, and caudalie micellar water, depending on what's nearest and my mood!
  2. Then I cleanse.
    I love the Algenist cleanser so much that I buy the massive size and keep it in my shower. That's 32oz of goodness!!
  3. Once my face is clean and dry, I use a facial mist as a toner
    I love Kat Burki Beauty Elixir, but rose water spray is wonderful too
  4. Every other day (or, ok, most days!) I use a chemical exfoliater
    My mainstays are Sunday Riley Good Genes (Empty! Time to shop!), Somme Institute peel pads, and Olay ProX Micro Peel (Hello drugstore find!!!). All three literally make my skin it's best.
  5. Then I wait about 10 minutes, and go in with a facial oil
    Seriously, buy this oil now if you have redness or blotchiness. When I started using it, my fiancé didn't believe I wasn't wearing makeup. Literally, he told me to wash my face before bed, and I told him I already did - and he though I was just being lazy!! Nude Skincare Rescue Oil, my holy grail. Can you tell I never want to run out??
  6. Next up is eye cream and lip balm while the oil dries (which is super fast!)
    Gentle pats of Algenist eye renewal balm (you can tell I love something when the label wears off!) and By Terry Baume de Rose
  7. Then finally, I pat on some moisturizer, and I'm ready to shine bright like a diamond!
    This is my only step that changes regularly - I use a ton of moisturizer samples!!! Chantecaille is a possible repurchase, but that price tag... Eep! Any recommendations??