1. 7
    We wandered in the desert alone, without Amy Sherman-Palladino. Tragic. It never should have happened.
  2. 6
    But... before she left, she kind of set the show on fire on her way out the door.
  3. 5
    Good, but not seasons 1-4 good.
  4. 3
    Hep Alien (Dave Rygalski!!!) is a big reason why this is a fantastic season. Also: Cat Kirk, the Poe Society, the dance marathon, and Gran telling Emily, "I'm not a BEE" in the most condescending way anyone has ever told anyone else that they are not a bee.
  5. 4
    I feel like this is an unpopular opinion. However, there are so 👏🏼 many 👏🏼 great 👏🏼 storylines this season! Everything with the inn and spring break in Florida with Paris and the Festival of Living Art and Liz and TJ's wedding and SO MANY other fantastic things. Also I didn't hate Jason as much as everyone else seemed to. (Bonus: LUKE CAN SEE HER FACE! (!))
  6. 1
    Original and almost best. What's not to love about that golf hat, that Santa burger, or 1,000 yellow daisies?
  7. 2
    Sadie. Harvard. Bracebridge. Ella. Just play this whole season on a loop behind my eyelids for all eternity and I'll be happy.