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  1. people who don't moisturizer after washing their faces
    how does your skin not feel like a hardening sheet of rubber after drying
  2. why american spectacle companies don't accommodate for "ethnic" facial features
    yes i am talking about MY asian nose and why every cute fucking pair of warby parker glasses i try on refuse to stay in one spot on my face
  3. off-brand soda
    just... no.
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not at a great point in my life, sorry for this honestly
  1. just got back on the list app because i just got a new phone a couple months ago
  2. and wondering why i waited so long because the community on here is so amazing and only makes u feel good about urself
  3. but recently i've been struggling a lot with my mental health
    bipolar disorder, acute and generalized anxiety
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i usually don't talk about really personal things going on in my life on social media but right now i don't really have anyone to turn to in person about things that have just happened and i don't know many people in person on list app but i know it is a safe space but even if no one reads this it's okay i just need to work it out;tw sexual assault
  1. so things in the romantic sphere of my life have been really fucking complicated recently
    when are they not for anyone though
  2. and i had a really difficult conversation with a guy who i used to be involved with until a couple months ago but it's been complicated because there have been unacknowledged lingering feelings on both sides and we had been maintaining a friendship under the falsity of a purely platonic nature
  3. the conversation ended horribly and left with him being very upset with me, mostly due to the fact i'm not good at talking in these kinds of conversations and i get very anxious and find it hard to say anything at all
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  1. nothing
  1. go to my 11am lecture
  2. go to my extracurricular French speaking session (which I've also missed for the past 2 weeks)
  3. do the hw for my 3:30 film class
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ok so my friend group is big on music (hip hop in particular) n lots of times we will just mell out to an album in our dorm but it's always male artists b/c the group is largely comprised of guys n i need some recommendations of rly cool girls in hip hop/r&b b/c girls rock n never get enough credit!! help me pls
  1. fka twigs
  2. lauryn hill/tlc
  3. yoncé
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this may or may not be totally reflective of who i am at this point in my life
  1. sex
  2. asa aki
  3. best nyc
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  1. Parks and Rec
    I genuinely feel that my base level of happiness rose while experiencing this show for the first time and gave me a more positive outlook on life.
  2. About Alex
  3. AHS Murder House
    Oh, Tate...
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  1. during a party
    you're probably looking deep in thought between your second and third glass of wine. someone asks you what's on your mind. when it happens you're already mid-thought about satanic desires or your nihilistic beliefs and able to express them eloquently
  2. first tinder conversation
    the millennial's online dating: it's all or nothing
  3. calculus class
    death is already near
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  1. dj roomba
    ur local robo-vac w/ the hottest jamz
  2. hermiones time keeper
    so many things to do, not enough self/time
  3. purple flurp
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