1. go to my 11am lecture
  2. go to my extracurricular French speaking session (which I've also missed for the past 2 weeks)
  3. do the hw for my 3:30 film class
  4. attend the 3:30 film class
  5. finish reading the communist manifesto
  6. today was totally unsuccessful goal-wise and responsible quasi-adult wise
  7. and i'm currently lying in bed anxious about all the things i should've done and didn't do
  8. but i am also trying to remind myself that i am usually on top of my shit because i am a busy person with a busy life and sometimes that kind of day just happens
  9. and every day that we have only happens once
  10. and there isn't any point in being anxious about a day that's already passed
  11. tomorrow will be a better day.