1. Chicken penne spinach pasta with tomato basil sauce-D'Agostino's
  2. Dipped Italian Beef with a cheese fry-johnnies, Buona beef, or portillos
  3. Grilled chicken sandwich with the works- Luke's on Harlem
  4. Chicken artichoke panini with tomatoes and parm chips- Buona Beef
  5. Chicken lo mein and fried rice with 6 crab rangoons- Chopsticks
  6. SUSHI-anywhere it is fresh
  7. Thin crust sausage pizza- Armand's or DAGS
  8. Deep dish cheese pizza- Lou's or Old World Pizza
  9. Chicken burrito with basically everything..and guac even tho it's extra-Chipolte
  10. The Wreck with broc cheese soup-Potbelly