because she's worth it
  1. Favorite memory was once I asked if I could ft her and the first thing she asked me was "are you in distress" because it was around election time
    Like...she just cares, you know? You don't see that a lot and she probably gets a lot of ft requests but she wanted to make sure I was okay first. (I was drunk and just wanted to talk b/c I miss ya)
  2. When she beat a white boy to a pulp because he used the N word
  3. After winter break we sat in my room until like 3 am and chatted and she was rolling around on my folding chair/bed thing
  4. Every single fucking vapor wave confession
  5. When I was in NYC and she was too but we still didn't see each other and while we were on the phone I got fucking banned from every goodwill in NY/NJ because they thought I was stealing shoes from them
  6. We went to the Nautilus (spelling??) diner one night spontaneously and ate breakfast for our midnight snack
  7. She showed up to my birthday party late but walked in there like she'd been there the whole night and immediately made friends with everybody and I just love her
  8. Any conversation where we disagree on a opinion but she doesn't hate me because of it and we can have open honest arguments
  9. I brought a stripper pole to her 20th??21st? Bday in her apartment and I was her RA and the whole room was partying
  10. Too many/too high to remember