Vancouver is becoming a pizza town and I like it. In no particular order I give you the best pizza in Vancouver! 🍕
  1. Via Tevere
    Also good salads. Be prepared for line-ups.
  2. Straight Outta Brooklyn
    Delicious but also by far the best priced!
  3. Lombardo's
    I think this was the first restaurant to serve up real, traditional, thin crust, wood fired pizza. We always get ❤️ shaped pizzas for valentines from Lombardo's.
  4. Pizza Farina
  5. Nicli Antica
    Certified good.
  6. Campagnolo
  7. Pizzeria Barbarella
  8. Don't Argue
    I live across the street and go too often. Tried to induce labour by eating their spicy margarita - didn't work, but still worth it 😉