1. Followed up with EDF recruiter on LinkedIn. Wrote cover letter, customized resume.
  2. Followed up with Experis recruiter.
  3. Spoke with Carla, Talent Acquisition from UHG. Did some homework, prepped some questiond, confirmed interest. Now it goes to the hiring manager.
  4. Emailed Akemi, UHG, for any insight.
  5. Successfully made dinner with ingredients intended for two weeks ago. Only vegetables (zucchini, corn, tomatoes) on the side, no starch. No additional cost.
  6. Ate 1/2 of salad leftover from SF for lunch. Added more veggies. No additional cost.
  7. Ate an apple for a snack. Good job, me.
  8. Hosted Evelyn's friend who's dad never lets her go anywhere.
  9. Started Evelyn bedframe project. Came up with a way to fasten it to the bed--problem solving. Bought hardware from Lowe's.
  10. Clutter control. Put away all the coats on my couch, clothes in my suitcase, Xmas stuff on the kitchen table, shopping/insulated bags on the counter. Lily unpacked and put away her. suitcase.