1. Installed LinkedIn job search app. Applied for two jobs. Saved 4 others, which also notifies poster.
    It's a numbers game.
  2. Broke down huge bookshelf box in garage.
    Just did it. Didn't put it on task list or schedule it.
  3. Posted two pieces of furniture for sale.
    Apps make it easy.
  4. Picked up the hardware and assembled Evelyn's bed frame.
  5. Moved old bookshelf out of hallway into garage.
  6. Had lunch with Evelyn and Anna. Quality time.
  7. GTD Weekly Review.
    Scattered and unfocused but I pushed through.
  8. Undecorated the house. Xmas tree on the curb for the Boy Scouts.
  9. Unpacked secretary desk box.
  10. Bought air mattress. Now the girls' friends can stay overnight.