1. Saw Gerrera's secret hideout? Yeah, it's right over there.
  2. Krennic came to take Galen Erso and his family, yet he parks half a mile away?
  3. Why did they build Jedha City up on that mesa? Isn't it a little hard to get to? Did they have elevators in ancient times?
  4. They started building the Death Star like 20 years ago. Are you telling me that nobody, anywhere in the galaxy, has ever heard of it? I mean, it's pretty big.
  5. Chirrit and Baze are basically two random guys thrown together with the Rebels by circumstance. Yet they're let into the secret Rebel base, and the executive Rebel briefing room, and then made team captains when they land on Scarif. Did they even introduce themselves? Aren't the other Rebels, who are making a career out of this, a little annoyed?
  6. If Kyber crystals are so abundant, and they're used to make lightsabers, why doesn't everybody have a lightsaber?