I've been putting off getting these items because I always forget
  1. Acoustic guitar
    Because I want to play One Directions and Justin Bieber songs on the guitar
  2. Office bag
    A necessary purchase
  3. Pair of boots
    Well not really "boots" boots. A decent high cut shoes that will not emphasize how I've grown my thighs over the last two years
  4. A bag of wallnuts
    I've been spotting a big bag of walnuts in S&R fora couple of months now
  5. Jar
    For my annual paandar of being grateful
  6. Tall mug
    Because I need one in the office
  7. Laptop
    Wear and tear a.k.a. SHIT HAPPENS
  8. Concert tickets
    Because 2016 is fast approaching
  9. Salmon sashimi