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  1. The feeling of being dripping wet after ur shower
  1. The little mermaid
Alternatively, things I wish were a part of my legacy
  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  2. Oh The Places You'll Go
  3. The horns section of Beyonce's "Daddy Lessons"
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A list of the phones I can remember I've owned. I have lost many and can remember only some.
  1. Whatever this is—Cingular network
    100% first recollection of a phone. So cute. I remember that orange backlight well.
  2. Something similar enough to this
    This felt like a giant leap forward. This was my first flip phone and I liked the silverness of it. Still middle school. Large screen when opened. Not a camera phone. This was a point of discussion often.
  3. Motorola Razor
    Silver and not black how I originally intended because the sales woman enforced her gender roles onto me. I was a disappointed middle schooler. But I was still flexin on em.
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  1. They seemed too jolly to be on the subway so I noticed them and liked they're showy-ness
  2. Chick on the right with striped dress and gold heels: divine (at a Marie Claire panel so already deviating from my 'stranger' guideline)
  3. Too cool for school. All black, heavy textures but the silhouette seemed playful but quiet
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  1. Now my phone background—is a shot from manrepellers IG account; I think the ruffles of the shoes combined with its blue color define my girliness and also they're silly !
  2. More manrepeller— I like the sock and shoe pairing. I also have a mixed pattern A-line skirt so easy outfit inspo
  3. I just felt like texting this shot to a friend instead of tagging him on IG. I think sending the text layers the humor of it. Like I might actually really think this about myself who knows
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  1. I woke up and moisturized my face with a few products for like 15 minutes—it was luxurious
  2. Saw a friend graduated law school on IG and realized time flies and felt really excited about that! Time passing isn't so daunting sometimes its exciting — you get to accomplish things!
  3. Read a book on the train and really pondered and analyzed its text which I haven't found joy in doing because college ruined me
Photos taken mostly at my work desk
  1. For comparison. A starting point. summer
  2. Another one
  3. They're in! Sept/oct
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  1. Poet (2nd grade)
    I got a poetry award from my teacher at the end of the year and thought "omg she noticed?"---inspiration/validation
  2. Marine biologist (3/4 grade)
    My teachers dad was a marine biologist and brought in a huge boa constrictor. Science was always fun and I wanted to go scuba diving like my teacher always did. I also read a book about manta rays and thought they were dope.
  3. Olympic gold medalist (gymnastics) (4/5th grade)
    I was actually getting somewhere with my gymnastics lessons at the ymca. I got ahead of myself
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