Phones I've Owned (Chronologically)

A list of the phones I can remember I've owned. I have lost many and can remember only some.
  1. Whatever this is—Cingular network
    100% first recollection of a phone. So cute. I remember that orange backlight well.
  2. Something similar enough to this
    This felt like a giant leap forward. This was my first flip phone and I liked the silverness of it. Still middle school. Large screen when opened. Not a camera phone. This was a point of discussion often.
  3. Motorola Razor
    Silver and not black how I originally intended because the sales woman enforced her gender roles onto me. I was a disappointed middle schooler. But I was still flexin on em.
  4. There is a huge memory gap for high school 🤔
  5. BlackBerry curve
    Mine was banged up, definitely a stolen phone I used and absolutely no internet connection. Freshman year of college.
  6. I think I fucked up enough times with losing phones that my parents sent me back to the Stone Age. This had to be college?
    Literally I had so many versions of this type of of dumb phone in college it was sad. Also note: around the time "dumb phones" are introduced to the American lexicon
  7. Throwing this in for good measure
    We're in metro pcs territory now
  8. This phone reminds me of texting boys I liked
    Good times with this one
  9. Omg finally, a smartphone
    I had others as well but who remembers the names of the models of androids? ... first time taking pictures with a phone tho!
  10. And of course
    I made another move into dumb phone territory before I made this purchase post college, but as u may have guessed, I'm a changed woman now ;)