I'll probably add more to this l8r
  1. Michael Westen, Fiona Glenanne, and Sam Axe
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  2. Fi
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  3. How Fi loves blowing things up/ shooting people
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  4. Sam
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  5. How Sam always wants mojitos
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  6. Michael
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  7. His sarcastic smile he does
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  8. the. sun. glasses.
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  9. His sick acting skills
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    like when he has to use a cover, including British, Australian, and Irish accents
  10. How nice/ well dressed Michael always looks no matter where he's going/what he's doing
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  11. How Michael is afraid to love Fi bc he doesn't want to put her in danger
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  12. How Michael loves her anyways and in multiple episodes couldn't help but kiss her
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    like when he basically sabotaged an entirely well planned bank heist he didn't even know was going to happen