1. people think you like salads and only salads.
    "are you getting a salad"
  2. people think you work out
    I wish.
  3. people make you feel bad for being thin.
    "sorry I don't starve myself like you do" "well at least I eat" "we're not all as naturally as skinny as you"
  4. you don't feel thin at all.
    I look at my stomach rolls like 3 times a day and they're as much of a bother to me as yours are to you, no matter the size I still go through that. it's a self image/mental thing not just a physical thing.
  5. no curves.
    no butt lol, and don't even get me started on a chest.
  6. thin but never thin enough.
    thin but not model thin, not perfect thin.