1. run up to your mom and hug her when she gets home from work
  2. watch cartoons
  3. sleep with stuffed animals (I got rid of mine and I regret it, my bed looks boring and too adult)
  4. be excited about Christmas
  5. put cookies and milk out for Santa
  6. go crazy on your birthday and shove cake in your face
  7. go play with pets at the animal shelter, they're sad and want a friend
  8. play handheld games like game boy, ds, etc. especially on long drives
  9. not drive for once and fall asleep in the back seat
  10. wear sick af pajamas. with cats on them, or your fav cartoon
    I'm talking matching pjs. not comfy t shirt & sweats
    why doesn't anyone ever say "looks like it's nap time for you" like yes YES I would love to be told to go to sleep.
  12. go to chuck e cheese.
    Dave and Busters is too expensive