what college has been like for me so far! From my experience going to a public university & a private Christian college.
  1. Classes are ok
    but maybe it's because I love my major idk. choose something your passionate about to study, I didn't know what that was but I figured it out!
  2. The phrase "broke college student" is realer than ever.
    want to go eat Vanessa? yeah let me check my balance -$55,457.09. OOPS CANT
  3. But like So. Many. Papers
    depending on your major. Mine requires a lot of writing. Which is ok bc I like what I'm writing about.
    I think this is a more popular thing these days, I know so many people going everywhere, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Italy. Big thing to do in college, it's even a requirement at my school.
  5. Social Media is everything
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Honestly people in your class/hall/ cafeteria add you on any one of these before they say hi in real life haha
  6. Everyone I know uses Tinder.
    I don't. it's a dating app but basically um the worst on a college campus, unless you like mean boys haha
  7. Partying
    that part of college I think will always be the same haha
  8. Sororities
    I haven't had experience with sororities but those girls seem neat and tidy and really strive for sisterhood. they seem like a great group of friends (most do really!) But if they don't like you or they're just plain mean, you just wasted months of rushing trying to impress a group of snobby girls. not my thing!
  9. Fraternities
    I'm never going to like this generations fraternities. I know frat guys, guys who have rushed, guys who have been pledges. I'm not sure about the past and history of fraternities. I'm sure it was once about awesome brotherhood and friendship and getting through school (or maybe not idk) But today, from what I've seen, it's alcohol, partying, hazing and only letting girls into their parties. also not my thing, but they throw great parties I'll give them that.
  10. Part time jobs
    I know I can say this for most students. but mom & dad aren't helping with college, I can't imagine not having some source of income. which is hard because it doesn't leave me 100% to give to school.
  11. Friends
    they said you'd meet your real friends in college. & I certainly have, I'm not talking a huge group, I have a huge group I would call friends but I'm talking the friends you're going to invite to your wedding if & when you get married. I have a total of 3 so far.
  12. Family
    you finally miss home after hating it for all those years!
  13. Christian College
    the phrase "ring before spring" becomes a reality. and it's scary. I'm too young!!
  14. You're an adult but you're not
    I used to think 20 meant being an adult and feeling older but I am 2 months from 20 and don't feel like it at all. Also while in college people treat you like a kid and like an adult and it's confusing cause ur stuck in the middle.
  15. Dating
    IDK. some people are just having fun and some are seriously dating and some are settling down. none of the above is easy but it's a fun time.
  16. College are the best years of your life (true)
    and the hardest, but I think that's why they're the best. it's hard but it's worth it. I can't imagine not being in college right now.
  17. Ugh I could go on!
    thanks for requesting this list @ChrisK 😊 it was so fun to make and college has been rad 😎📚✏️