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Never did I ever think I would get a tattoo but it happened yesterday. Super small but it did hurt, but worth it.
  1. HERE IT IS ♒️
    My zodiac sign. Aquarius. Feb 8th 1993.
  2. Reasons why I got my tattoo
    1. Because my grandfather and I are the only Aquarius in our family and he was someone super important to me so I have a tiny piece of him with me.
  3. Reason #2
    The tattoo to me means that this is who I am and I should not have to change myself for anyone, like EVER. It's a constant reminder that I was born Aquarius, born with all my flaws and I should be accepted as I am.
2 more...
  1. Something good can work- Two Door Cinema Club
    My go to feel good song! Kind of corny but it cheers me up and motivates me.
  2. Wonderwall- Oasis
    Ah yes this song. THIS SONG. Probs won't listen to it for a while or until I find someone worth thinking about when this song plays.
  3. Sweater weather- The Neighbourhood
    The lyrics and the beat are just so catchy!
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🐚🐠🐬🐳✨ all taken by myself.
  1. Santa Cruz, Ca
  2. Pescadero, Ca
  3. Half moon bay, Ca
  4. Monterey, Ca
It's the little things.
  1. Although I had to work on Memorial Day it's okay because TIME AND A HALF.
  2. Currently laying on my couch watching the office ❤️
  3. My mind is at ease today