1. Manzanita Street
    As an alternate walking route to Sunset. So easy and much nicer than Santa Monica to Sunset, yuck.
  2. Commercial-free Hulu
    No-brainier. Not having to watch commercials during Dance Moms makes me feel less like a piece of garbage.
  3. New Speaker, New Music
    Jamming so much new music on my new jambox (Thanks @jesseno and Jamie). This week into: Carly Rae Jepsen, Tamaryn, The Weeknd, Empress of and a million singles.
  4. New Blinds!
    Still can't believe what an improvement over taping towels to my window this has been.
  5. Downloading Adobe CC
    I've never owned a real copy (sorry!), but I imagine this is what drv a new Cadillac might feel like. Just hope someone is reading my crash reports since they are my favorite new way to complain.
  6. Curly Hair
    Been straightening my hair for 5 years or so, but in the interest of healthy hair and laziness... Curls are back!
  7. Becoming a mild-Belieber
    Not a die-hard, but my interest is piqued.