I just need to get this off my chest.
  1. Texts that should be emails
  2. Feet on a dashboard
  3. Incorrect measurements
  4. When someone tries to make me watch a movie I've never seen before from the middle randomly on TV
    Bonus points if there are commercials.
  5. "Remember when MTV used to actually play music videos???"
    Yesssss get over it
  6. That point where your gel manicure still looks ok, but is completely falling apart
  7. A grown-ass man in a Superman t-shirt
  8. Any script that references the going insane Beautiful Mind montage
  9. When you in line and the people behind you stand too close
  10. Emails that's start "Hey Lady!"
    Sorry if you've ever sent me one of these emails; know it made my skin crawl.