I regularly sleuth on the net for these programs to no avail. Any leads are appreciated !
  1. The Beach Boys: An American Family
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    This miniseries was produced by John Stamos (! But duh I guess). I think there is usually a copy for sale on eBay but $40 seems like... Too much? If I could find the scene of Dennis luring Brian from exercise w a bag of fries and a bag of coke I guess I would be satisfied.
  2. Paper Dolls
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    Both the 1982 TV movie and the 1984 series about mothers of teenage fashion models.
  3. Death of a Cheerleader
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    AKA "A Friend to Die For"... Lifetime classic starring Tori Spelling and Kellie Martin. Sadly NOT available on the Lifetime Movie Club subscription I bought last night.
  4. MTV's Sex in the 90s
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    My holy grail.