This is, arguably, a better list than @tothemaxxx's list of my cultural influences on him... This only includes stuff that I probbbbbably MOST LIKELY would not have watched on my own without Max's suggestion. In no particular order. Thanks for making me watch more movies @tothemaxxx ❤️
  1. All That Jazz
    Prob never would have seen this without Max’s prodding. And definitely would not have seen in the theater, but super glad we did.
  2. Force Majeure
    A couple of months ago, I asked Max to make a list of movies he thought I might like. This is one of them. Enjoyed, but watched on a crazy high def TV that makes everything look like a Korean Soap Opera.
  3. Lovers On The Bridge
    Another from the "Max Recommends” list. LOVED LOVED LOVED. One of my new faves.
  4. My Golden Days
    I thoroughly enjoyed this film we saw this weekend. I enjoyed watching Max try to tweet about it after slightly more:
  5. Fargo
    Somehow, I just had never seen Fargo. Of course, I loved it. The list of Coen Bros. movies I haven’t seen is longer than the ones I have seen, but Max is working on it. (For the record, I actually wanted to see Hail, Caesar!)
  6. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    I’m too skittish for scary movies, but I gotta keep up with Max and my bros. It actually was not scary at all.
  7. The Knick
    I *tried* to watch this when it first aired, but just couldn’t get through the gore in the pilot’s opening scene. Max, however, is a HUGE fan. So I recently binge-watched both seasons in a week. Now I’m obsessed. Best show. Very very seriously considering buying shoes just like Thack’s. Also of course wanted to watch @maya and @miggles36 ❤️❤️❤️
  8. City of Gold
    I’m sure I wouldn’t have seen this in theater. Maybe I would have watched on Netflix (TBH I didn’t care about Jonathan Gold either until Max), but I really really loved it. It made me super happy to be in LA.
  9. Knight of Cups
    I would have maybe eventually watched this on Netflix if I hadn’t met Max. We went with @samboyd. Now I kinda wanna see it again but superrrrr stoned.
  10. Top Chef
    WELL WELL WELL... WHAT have we here? A competitive reality show??? That I watch ‘cause of Max???!? SURE it was in my DVR, but that was just leftover from @peopatra. I enjoyed this season, but fell asleep during the finale and never looked back.
  11. Top Chef: Next Chance Kitchen
    We got serious about Top Chef. (I also got a serious crush on Colicchio.)
  12. The Cruise
    I’d never heard of this and would never have watched. TBH I fell asleep about 3/4s of the way through, but I get it, ya know? Super enjoyable though.
  13. A War
    An attempt to catch up on foreign film nominees before the Oscars. I fell asleep.
  14. Mustang
    After we met 4/5s of the Mustangs, figured I oughta see it. Plus catching up for Oscars. Loveddd.
  15. In The Loop
    Max list. Fell asleep. Will revisit.
  16. Mon Oncle
    I have much catching up to do with Jacque Tati. Super fun set.
  17. Band of Robbers
    Max suggested we watch this instead of Harold and Maude on movie night with @alexrose '.'
  18. Flirting With Disaster
    Max giving me a little backstory on David O. Russell. Movies where everything keeps going wrong generally make me anxious, but this was really fun and charming. Mary Tyler Moore, George Segal, Alan Alda, Richard Jenkins, Lily Tomlin is like my dream cast I never knew existed.
  19. Ballet 422
    Per Max’s recommendation. Dece.
  20. Wild Canaries
    Max catching up on 2015 releases. This movie was really fun and enjoyable. This feels like a long time ago.