1. The second to last time I visited LA (Sept '14)
    Just to check out the vibe. Surprised I actually made matches. Never met with anyone.
  2. After I finally met a dude I had a crush on, and he was super rude to me. (Jan '15)
    I still don't get what that guy's problem was. He actually said "I thought you worked in film..." after I didn't understand an obscure indie reference 😒. I needed some validation and rejoined for a whole 24 hours until I left my apartment, and the guys at the wine store tried to talk to me. Immediately deactivated.
  3. Last Friday night (May '15)
    I quit after 20 minutes.
  4. Long stretch! I think it's been 3 weeks? (June '15)
    I went on one date. I left early to go to a party. He hasn't called. Don't care. I haven't signed on in days, and I want to quit but don't want that dude to think it's because he didn't call. UPDATE: he texted/we're cool/standing invite to makeout. Quit tinder.
  5. Just now for 30 minutes while re-watching the Bachelorette (July '15)
    I like to feel like I'm part of the game? Quit after recognizing too many people.