1. Carrie:there is a certain starving artist desperation woven between the lines that make this story one of his most genuine.
  2. The Stand: the book is a classic good vs evil story with a twist. The Holland tunnel scene is one of my all-time favorites for describing true fear.
  3. It: This is his best book of characters; characters, that cling to love, and innocence, and friendship, and not fitting in, without being self-conscious. King writes with authentic fringe nerdom from someone who's been there. Oh yeah, Pennywise. The clown got the spotlight, but the real monster had no face.
  4. Needful Things: Mr. King wanted to blow up a town, so he puts all the pieces in place and the story proceeds to self destruct in glorious techno color style.
  5. 11/22/63: I love this book and I hate it. It is about 300 pages longer than it needs to be, but when you finally get to the end it is worth it.
  6. Salem's Lot: Remember long ago when vampires weren't so fashion conscious, morose, and didn't sparkle in the sunlight? King wrote about vampires you couldn't wait to stick a stake in.