I sleep, watch TV, work and generally live 24/7 with my iPad next to me like a modern moleskin. When I get an idea, I scribble it down, in hopes that it might grow into something worthwhile. This is my list of half-baked word hors d'oeuvres: lines that carry a flavor but are not meant to be filling. Maybe someday they will be a story.
  1. He curled up against the salt-encrusted walls of creative ennui.
  2. I drank from the fountain of her debauchery to slack my prurient thirst for consumption.
  3. Innocence is poetry without knowledge, and grace without experience.
  4. I never knew her, but we frolicked in each other's dreams like old friends.
  5. She relaxed under his affections like dappled sunshine under a summer tree, and he fed her his love from his roots.
  6. Horror is the familiar reflection of repressed delectation made real.
  7. Fear is the echo of your scream made at birth.