1. If I drop a thought in my head will it echo? What form would a thought echo take?
  2. Is my breathing normally so loud and labored?
  3. Silence is a hymn of solitude within the Church of the Introvert's Perpetual Mercy.
  4. Silence is the Doppler-like moan that time makes when you're passing though it.
  5. If silence were currency, how would you spend it? How could you put silence into a bank? What would interest on silence look like?
  6. Silence is the vacuum of potential within which genius burns so bright.
  7. Silence potentiates love's wordless whisper.
  8. If time were a seductive brunette then silence would be a mercurial ginger.
  9. Silence is an oasis within the perpetual desert of life's droning dunes.