Do I really need to preface this with an explanation? This is a personal list. It's not meant to be an all inclusive explanation (or excuse) for every(any)body.
  1. I fight to stay in a social mood.
  2. I often loose.
  3. When I'm productive, I'm VERY productive. When I'm not, I crash.
  4. I try to always be productive.
  5. I'm easily distracted by the minutia of life, which feeds my creativity by providing more pieces to humanity's puzzle, but my table is already full of a lot of jigsaw castaways, which means I'm constantly searching for "that missing piece."
  6. I draw, and paint, and write as therapy. Some people call me a commercial artist, I'm really just a patient with pens.
  7. Creatives create. All the time. There is no such thing as a part-time creative. I'm either letting the freak flag fly or I'm repressing it. Creatives create.
  8. Sometimes my most creative work is done when I'm "not creating."
  9. I have to fight to keep my life simple.
  10. I am my own worst enemy, harshest critic, best friend, prophet.