Winning the lottery in Singapore is pretty much a lost deal. Despite studying the various locations known to produce lottery winners, Lady Luck still shuns me like how one would shun the plague. However, in a parallel universe, this is how I would spend my first win.
  1. Go on a prolonged trip around the world. (Prolonged, as in more than 80 days)
  2. Depending on how much money there is, I'll buy apartments in every city and rent it out. I think property would be a good investment.
  3. Enter Hollywood, and find out what the hype is all about
  4. Theo James. Always Theo James
  5. I could use a private jet, for days when you need a few more minutes of shuteye.
  6. Eat glorious foods at Michelin star restaurants
  7. I'll keep an amount to finance my studies at a particular prestigious university that starts with H.
  8. Buy an island and name it after my parents. I may or may not end the name with Bikini Bottom. (SpongeBob FTW 🙌🏻)
  9. If only there is a stall that sells Significant Others, I would pay for one right now.
  10. Lastly, I'll build my business empire and make sure I earn more than what I've gotten from the lottery.