As 2016 ends, these are something's that have helped keep my spirits up
  1. Music: Streaming music services
    I love being able to listen to a variety of music all day every day.
  2. Hozier
    These songs still keep me calm and make me smile. Love. Love. LOVE Arsonist Lullaby
  3. Movies: steaming movie and tv services
    I love being able to watch almost any movie at any time and re-watch it over and over.
  4. Mark and Jay Duplass
    I love watching their movies and tv shows. They are smart and quirky and everything that is right with indie entertainment
  5. School ( higher education)
    I work at an institution of higher ed and am in grad school and I am so thankful to have access to these opportunities.
  6. Books
    While e-readers are a wonderful advancement, nothing can truly replace the feel of a book in your hands.
  7. Chuck Palahniuk
    I am working to have and read all of the books written and compiled by Chuck. I love the weird and wonderful style of his work.
  8. Trivia
    I love my trivia team. We laugh and share and (most importantly) win together. Plus, trivia host, Matt, makes this a high point of my week.
  9. SONJ
    I love the programs created in this state for the Special Needs community. They have created a safe place for competition and friendship. So blessed to be a part of this organization.
  10. My family
    These people are crazy and they support me in everything I do. So happy to have them.
  11. The beauty of the natural world
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. So thankful for my favorite things.
    So many blessings. So much love.