1. It's already taking up way too much of my time.
  2. The more time and thought I put into making a list, the closer it comes to writing for free, which is the Forbidden Zone.
  3. I was starting to feel overwhelmed by lists and likes and suggestions and requests.
  4. Also have started trying to evolve and formulate a set of critical criteria for judging whether I liked a list or not.
    Not a bad thing at all but weirdly time consuming, since that evolving judgment makes me feel like I need to take longer with my own lists, see 1.
  5. Like, for example, I prefer lists that are really lists, i.e., enumerations of independent but related or associated items, to lists that are essentially paragraphs broken into numbered or bulleted sentences, or essays broken into numbered paragraphs.
    Except, wait, @zoe whose Kung fu is the best, specializes in the essay-as-list. Obviously need to put more thought into the matter. And time. See 1.
  6. I'm too old for the room.