Films I've Seen This Year

the only way i can reflect on and revisit 2016 is to look back on some of the movies that really touched me, also pls don't judge how often i cry in movies
  1. 1.
    manchester by the sea
    i cried a lot, i was sobbing so hard at one point that the lady next to me looked over to make sure i was okay (sorry i let myself feel!) also i developed a crush on lucas hedges. should you watch it? YES
  2. 2.
    nocturnal animals
    exactly what i would expect of tom ford tbh a very interesting watch
  3. 3.
    good will hunting
    i finally got around to watching it! and i cried like a baby
  4. 4.
    the color purple
    another one i cried in, very touching and it made me feel like being a woman automatically makes you strong
  5. 5.
    aspergers are us
    so charming, it's on Netflix go go go see it now
  6. 6.
    the mask you live in
    really made me think about how men live in the world and about the burden of privilege, if u are human and want your empathy to grow i would watch it
  7. 7.
    blue jay
    sarah paulson and mark duplass made me feel nostalgic about the good old days and yet i'm only 17, if you have ever loved, i would watch it
  8. 8.
    frances ha
    began my love for greta gerwig
  9. 9.
    la la land
    fuck me uppppp it was so good, and i saw it at a time that was perfect for me. i'm applying to college, i want to study film and i'm very uncertain about my future and the validity of my dreams, but boy oh boy did damien chazelle reassure me (here's to fools who dream!!!!)
  10. 10.
    the edge of seventeen
    i've never seen a movie that was so fictional yet so truthful about being 17 (i think my immortal age is 17). did i cry? yes, will you cry? probably not
  11. 11.
    Don't think twice
    Okay I didn't cry but it was really interesting, if you like sketch comedy or you want to be a performer I feel like this is an important watch, honestly if you want to be successful in any way it really talks about how everyone's rate of success is different, very cool movie 👍🏾