just trying to stay optimistic
  1. own guns for protection but don't need guns for protection because they have never been and most likely will never be put in a situation in which guns are required
    maybe a conversation would help them understand
  2. are racist
    maybe science and statistics or talking to someone new would help them understand
  3. are homophobic
    maybe thoroughly analyzing the bible and realizing that it's not a valid excuse would help them understand or understanding that LOVE is always beautiful
  4. are sexist
    maybe a conversation or therapy in which they analyze their confidence and egos would help them understand
  5. are prolife and force it on others
    scientific evidence and empathy for people who are put in difficult situations in which they have to make such a daunting decision would help them understand
  6. force their religion or lack thereof on others
    perhaps seeing the similarities in religions or understanding everyone needs something to believe in?