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  1. Painted my toes for the first time in 2 years
  2. I look slammin in the gold glitter snapchat filter
  1. Did that piece of chocolate make it into my mouth, or did it go down my shirt?
  2. When is a good time to introduce myself to my neighbors that moved in 3 weeks ago and I've already seen several times?
  3. Are these "super grippy" socks going to be grippy enough for my indoor surfboard balance exercise yoga class tomorrow morning?
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  1. This should be helpful right? This tab's been open for months. I'll get to it soon, and soon as I read it will be better at saving $. Looking forward to that...
  2. I've been meaning to transfer from iCal to Google Cal, cause duh everyone uses Google Cal. This is a reminder that's been open for months. I'm gonna do this soon. Like maybe later today? No, cant. Or Saturday?
  3. I hate my current gyno. I was promised by a friend that he'd sing show tunes and guess what? He doesn't and he's socially awkward. LAST TIME I use a male obgyn. A smart friend recommended I try this Dr and so I need to make an appointment. Probably before I move from New Orleans in 2 months...
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