1. This should be helpful right? This tab's been open for months. I'll get to it soon, and soon as I read it will be better at saving $. Looking forward to that...
  2. I've been meaning to transfer from iCal to Google Cal, cause duh everyone uses Google Cal. This is a reminder that's been open for months. I'm gonna do this soon. Like maybe later today? No, cant. Or Saturday?
  3. I hate my current gyno. I was promised by a friend that he'd sing show tunes and guess what? He doesn't and he's socially awkward. LAST TIME I use a male obgyn. A smart friend recommended I try this Dr and so I need to make an appointment. Probably before I move from New Orleans in 2 months...
  4. In all honesty I could probably close this one cause I screenshot-ed it and made this hippie recipe already. I'm currently using this eye cream nightly. But I don't close this tab yet cause I'm worried- am I sure I have this recipe saved?
  5. Recently read a book that I ADORED with bold, interesting female leads and would love to adapt it into a screenplay. Is this book on anyone's radar? I hope yes and hope no cause I want to make this project my baby. Never done anything like it yet so far, but WHY THE HELL NOT TRY. Will I leave this tab open until I finish a final draft? Not unlikely
  6. My love, my little MacBook Air needs some clean up. I need to get on this asap. Tonight? Yeah right. It's March 2016; I'll be eating Asian food and watching Entourage. Tomorrow?
  7. Always looking for another good book to read and remembered Tom Ashbrook hosted a 🔥 On Point on some of the best of 2015. This link even has links to OTHER lists of best books of 2015. I'll keep this one open for a good long while. Maybe all year?
  8. I'm a dog walker and the company I work for uses this web interface to manage our dog walkin biz-nass. This tab is always open...
  9. Was listening to the Great Debates podcast, catching up from Christmas, really. And one of Dave King's fave holiday songs was this one. I had never heard it so duh I googled it and liked it. This tab is fresh from TODAY; I guess I could close it now that I've heard it, but what if I forget the name of this song come Christmas time in 9 months?