1. Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Greg Laswell
    A friend of mine did a dance recital to this song in college. I was a senior graduating, completely drunk and cried HARD the entire song, only taking breaths to take another bite of the chicken parm sandwich I brought in
  2. You Learn to Live Without - Idina Menzel in If/Then
    This musical left me feeling weird beyond belief, thinking about all the choices I'd made in the past and where I might be if I had gone a different route. I don't don't think I could handle seeing this again. *Spoiler Alert* her husband dies and it is all about learning to live alone. GAH
  3. Stop This Train - John Mayer
    A song about getting older, growing up and your parents dying? I have basically had to swear myself off from listening and to this song because I can't handle the lyrics and the picture it lays out. Do NOT ever listen to this song while driving. Streams of tears.
  4. The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert
    Bye. My parents have been threatening to sell the house I grew up in for a couple of years now and how upset it makes me is ALMOST irrational, but only almost. I can't talk about it without getting upset, and this song literally guts me. Going back to your old house and having another family living there on top of your memories? No thanks. I also tried to play this song to my parents as a way to state my case through song, they were highly unimpressed.