1. Beef is the new pork 👀
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    In all my years on the tamale sidelines, the filling has, without question, always been pork. This year, someone said: where's the beef? It's literally in the tamales this year, you guys.
  2. Teamwork makes the dream work 👯
    Tamales are not made in a silo. Everyone has a role. Think of tamale making as conducting an opera. Or don't. But I got you thinking there for a second, eh?
  3. Commit to a process 🤓
    Look you're either going to use a tortilla press or you're going to put your big girl pants on and hold that husk in your hand. It's not about making the most. It's about making the best.
  4. No matter what someone is going to outspread you 👋
    Girl, you better recognize: not everyone has the magic touch . You either master the spread or you go home. The ultimate compliment: your mother saying you have your abuela's hands 🙌 #realtalk
  5. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are tamales 🙄
    Half the battle is won the day before a single tamale gets filled. Steam the husks or pay the price. And you best know that you're going to need at least three times the number of husks you think you need ✌️
  6. Stop drop and roll ✌️
    👀 Let's face it. You are probs gonna get bored making tamales. Life happens. Take that insta break, girl. You're playing the long game.
  7. It literally depends on the masa 🙃
    Hey there, I get it. You are probs like wtf is masa ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's the beige stuff that holds the meat inside the tamale. But literally if you have low grade masa, your tamales have no hope. Not a chance. Bye Felicia. Don't even get me started on preparado vs. scratch 👀 bc that is discussion for another place and another time.