Coachella is one of my absolute favorite festivals, & I can't wait to go back to Southern California this coming April. I attended '11, '12, & '13, so after taking two years off I want the absolute best for my triumphant return. Shout out to /r/Coachella!
  1. Recondite
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    Resident Advisor's NUMBER ONE live performer of 2014 is set to make his U.S. debut in Denver, making Recondite all the more likely to be on the lineup. Him in the Yuma tent, laying down his incredible techno sound, is something I've only had the pleasure of dreaming of. Tracks to check out: Levo, Caldera
  2. LCD Soundsystem
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    C'mon now, those rumors of a reunion HAVE to have you excited, even if they're just rumors... if you're a fan, that is. I was fortunate enough to see them in 2010 at a different festival & they did not disappoint. They could headline & easily be the best headliner there. If the reunion is out of the question, then, let's at least get a funky DJ set from Mr. Murphy himself, yea? Tracks to check out: All My Friends, North American Scum
  3. Zomby
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    I can dream, can't I? It's not likely, but, the reclusive & mysterious Zomby would be a unique experience that would be an absolute "must see." Tracks to check out: Things Fall Apart, If I Will
  4. Hannah Wants
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    There hasn't been a single one of Hannah's bi-monthly mixes on her Soundcloud that I haven't absolutely loved. She would put on a perfect night time set that I would not want to miss. Tracks to check out: Rude Boy (with Chris Lorenzo), Disclosure - Confess to Me (Hannah Wants Remix)
  5. TNGHT
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    Have you seen the latest trade from LuckyMe? The thought of TNGHT rising from the ashes has me giddy. They deserve a spot on the bill, especially with how great they were in 2013. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Tracks to check out: Acrylics, Goooo
  6. Years & Years
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    That Olly Alexander, he's so hot right now. Their 2015 album, Communion, is full of successful singles & their set, to me, would not just be a "wait for that one song & leave" kind that some groups fall victim to. They've got enough fantastic music that would keep me planted there, beginning to end. Tracks to check out: Real, King
  7. Arctic Monkeys
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    I love this band & every year I think, "this is going to be the year they come back!" Well, this year, I think it's been long enough. We need a set from these guys. Their last album, AM, was one of my favorites of 2013. Keep the hope alive that they'll finally make it back on the bill this year! Tracks to check out: Arabella, Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure
  8. Migos
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    The raw energy of a performance from Migos would go so well at this festival. If you've written these guys off, give them another try. Play "No Label II" & you'll get a good picture of how fun this set would be. Tracks to check out: Fight Night, Contraband
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    I know, I know. They were just at Coachella in 2014. But have you heard the new album? I'm really diggin' it! They've got enough new, quality material to put on a live set that's unique from their last. Tracks to check out: Leave a Trace, Lungs
  10. Skepta
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    Grime is starting to get more notoriety in the U.S., finally. Skepta could "Shutdown" any tent they put him in & would be a very solid choice to bring to the festival. Tracks to check out: Shutdown, That's Not Me
  11. Autre Ne Veut
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    His album "Anxiety" I have played over & over, so many times, & I still love it. His latest effort "Age of Transparency" I have heard great things about, but have not listened yet. I just really want to see him passionately croon on the Polo Fields! Tracks to check out: Play by Play, Ego Free, Sex Free
  12. ZHU
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    To my knowledge, he hasn't played Coachella yet. His forthcoming project, "Genesis Series," has had a few singles released, my favorite being the track "Automatic" with AlunaGeorge. I have a lot of faith in the album & a lot of faith that he would kill it, were he to be there. Tracks to check out: Automatic ft. AlunaGeorge, Paradise Awaits
  13. The Floozies
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    Future funk is a genre that I slept on too much, but I am quickly becoming a big fan of Exmag & The Floozies. Their 2015 album "Do Your Thing" is great, & them having a new release is good for their probability on being there. Tracks to check out: Birfday Suit, Sunroof Cadillac
  14. Pryda
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    Pryda 10 Vols I-III all came out this year & have been a huge hit in the electronic music community. I think having him close out a night in the Sahara would just be perfect. Tracks to check out: Allein, Night Breed
  15. Bondax
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    Time after time, every single from this duo gets me so hyped up. Seeing them, at this festival or not, is something I need to do. If you're a fan of this new(ish) "tropical house" flavor that's been going around lately, this is a group that is quintessential. Tracks to check out: Giving it All, Baby I Got (Justin Martin Remix)
  16. The Wonder Years
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    One band doing the pop punk genre justice in 2015 is The Wonder Years. I thoroughly enjoy every release from this group & would love to see their energy at this festival. Tracks to check out: Passing Through a Screen Door, Cardinals