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Just a reminder to always be grateful
  1. I know, I know. I have a lot of animals. But I couldn't say no to adding this little fuzzball to the family.
  2. Dinosaur Dracula's monthly Fin Packs
  3. Finally found these. Not that I'm a huge Hostess fan but these might be a game changer
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Like list of Gratitude but on a Sunday
  1. Mo Rocca on CBS Sunday Morning.
    That trumpet
  2. Church
    Just a place to say thanks
  3. My baked ziti with three meats, avocado oil, organic tomatoes and herbs picked from a garden.
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  1. Cats playing with a ball of yarn
    So cliché
  2. Back to shooting dumb videos on the Casserole of Disaster
  3. Dude peed on the couch right next to me and got in considerable trouble. Made up later. He's really a good dog
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  1. Mel Robbins. Her book The Five Second Rule has quite honestly changed my life and work life. Amazing. If you haven't heard of her please look her up.
  2. Knowing Jay and Matt. Was a big fan of these guys for over ten years. Today is Jays bday. Happy birthday, pal!
  3. Weird art
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  1. Heavy Metal dog vests
  2. Door-to-Door vacuum salesmen
    That took 2 hours and I didn't buy it. ($2800 for a vacuum?)
  3. My dogs only eat the "marshmallows" from their food.
    The weird looking nuggets are the marshmallows
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  1. Bantus lips
  2. This movie prop from Beetlejuice
  3. More options for vegetarians and vegans
    No. I'm neither
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  1. Cosmo and his new haircut. He seems happier which kind of makes me feel bad I let him get so long.
  2. Star Wars on The Wheel of Fortune
    I am so bad at this game
  3. Thai hot fried rice
    This is the hottest stuff you cannot stop eating
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Had a pretty different weekend. Half was spent in reflection out in the mountains and the other was spent throwing up since the water wasn't filtered properly.
  1. Scaring the shit out of a the owner's son while he was snoozing in the car.
    Worth it
  2. This cabin had the Great Pumpkin and the 1978 Halloween
  3. This anthropomorphic barn looks like a baby. Well, to me it does.
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  1. The opera singing mutant from Basket Case 2
  2. Flock of Seagulls
  3. Some pretty cool customers
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Back at the daily lists
  1. Nachos. Everything about nachos
  2. Meeting this sweet old guy last night
    He told me all about his wife. She passed three years ago.
  3. This beer place with CastleVania on free-play
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