This is when I get up to train
  1. Alarm is Seals and Crofts
    Trust me, it's a great way to get up
  2. Damn it's gotten chilly out. When did this happen?
    Can't run in long sleeves very well
  3. No one except cops and old dudes at the gym this early.
  4. The predawn smell will always smell like the Army to me
  5. Bullet Proof Coffee is the best damn thing about this time of the morning
    Brain Octane oil + grass fed butter + organic coffee/lions mane
  6. Pull ups and push-ups are life
  7. Discipline is something I always strive and struggle with. The act of doing something hard because it needs to be done
  8. It's nice to be home at 6am to read the news after training. Although, this news sucks
  9. Meditate, shower, and off to conquer the day