Back to This

I haven't embraced this lately. I need to get back to the basics and realize this is all temporary so be grateful.
  1. My friends.
    Present or far, they shape me. "You're the middle of your top 5% caliber of friends"
  2. Saw an Eclipse and can tell kids about it later! (Maybe embellish)
  3. I was in Japan for almost two weeks and they didn't kick me out!
  4. I made wonderful little friends there and we still email today!
  5. I had the most incredible person from the states help me via online and loved the idea o was drinking Sweat.
  6. The Purple Stuff
  7. Exact vehicle we hit a land mine in. I'm still here :)
  8. I get to foster kittens for AARF.
  9. We found this place less than a mile from my house?????? (Oh yeah I'm grateful I have a house)
  10. I survived the infamous Japanese "Suicide Forest".
    I'll never go back but it will never leave me.
  11. My pepper bush. (Why not?)
  12. And so damn many things I can't count