1. Drinking a beer with a dog while watching bowling
  2. I gave the same book to five different people
    Tool of Titans
  3. Some of my relatives are too old and I want them back to how they were when I was a kid
  4. Cheese and spreads make this day feel 100% right
  5. Saw A Christmas Story 4 times.
    Better than last year
  6. Watched two NBA games and 5 NFL games
  7. Read two books
  8. 7 Fishes
    I got steak
  9. Still suck at wrapping gifts
  10. My cousin spoiled Rogue One at dinner
    It's not his fault. I should have seen it if I was a real fan
  11. Beat my high score
  12. Family is nice. I drank 5 beers
  13. Merry Christmas.
    See you at the mall tomorrow